About ECBC

The East Coast Builders Conference (ECBC) was formed in 2016 to fill a gap for regional builders looking for an industry event focusing on the needs of residential builders from Texas to Illinois, east to Pennsylvania and south to Florida.  ECBC’s geographical design is to connect these “eastern half of the US” builders with manufacturers and service providers through education, exhibition, networking and ECBC’s VIP hosted Meet The Builderprogram.

We’re excited to bring our third annual East Coast Builders Conference to Nashville!  This two-day trade event is posed to address the needs and wants of the residential building industry.  With builder activity at its highest point in six years, and continued growth forecast for the foreseeable future, ECBC will be the ideal meeting place for the “eastern half of the US’s” residential construction community!

About Meet The Builder

ECBC’s Meet The Builder program is a natural extension of ECBC offerings that brings together residential home builders with manufacturers in face-to-face meetings during a two-day event.  Debuting in May, 2017, the program was deemed a huge success by 21 of the industry’s most prominent builders and sponsors.

Participating builders are fully hosted and all expense are covered. For their time commitment, they agree to meet with sponsoring manufacturers in short meetings during the event, allowing both to quickly choose mutually beneficial partnerships.